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Sweeten your ride's look

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If you're looking for a unique way to spruce up your car, consider using something from the Anzahl Candytone Series.

Paints from the Candytone Series form a translucent shade over basecoats. Over metallic basecoats, they create stunning colors that are so bright and rich under sunlight that you can almost taste how sweet they are. Over white or black basecoats, the Anzahl Candytone Series creates a sleek finish with a more subdued monotone appeal. No matter the basecoat, the Anzahl Candytone Series yields absolutely brilliant results for all hues.

The Anzahl Candytone series is available in five basic shades that can be mixed to create a variety of colors that can suit just about any type of ride.

Check out the colors below if you're thinking of treating your car to a sweet new shade:

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