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What you just watched is a never-before-seen, tell-all exposé, of an all-terrain tire unabashedly baring its soul. Makes you think twice about tires and what they can do, doesn't it?  

Tires go on and are usually forgotten after that. They get dirty, and are pretty much just regarded as the rubber things that prop up a car. But tires play a more significant role than you might think. While they have an effect on ride comfort and fuel efficiency, they also ensure that a car doesn’t slip and slide all over the place, thus spelling the difference between a safe drive and a not-so-safe one. 

Your choice of tire directly affects the quality of drive that you get. There are a lot of variants in the market, so do take into account the road and weather conditions you normally encounter to ensure you get the right kind of rubber. 

Generally, though, it's best to invest in a tire that is versatile enough to traverse a wide range of surfaces. Whether on challenging off-road terrain or paved city streets, in both wet and dry conditions, it should deliver high-level traction as well as a smooth ride. It should also blend practicality and performance, while always keeping driver and passenger safety the number one priority. 

And of course, it shouldn't be ashamed of getting dirty. 

For more information about the Bridgestone Dueler, visit Bridgestone's Facebook page or their website.

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Bridgestone.

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