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You can tell a lot about a man by the car he drives (and especially by the way he takes care of it). On the flipside, knowing a man's personality can determine what kind of car he'd enjoy driving. With that in mind, here's a fun quiz that can determine, based on your preferences, what kind of car you should be driving. 


Your ideal weekend activity is:

Staying in and chilling out

Meeting up with the squad for a night out

A romantic date, naturally

A road trip with the crew

Family time out of town


To succeed in life, you must be: 







The best thing about driving is: 

Easily getting from point A to point B

You get to think and reflect

It makes you feel accomplished

You can go anywhere you want

You can get everyone involved


Your motto in life is: 

"Less is more" 

"Change is good" 


"Think out of the box"

"The more, the merrier"

This article was created by Summit StoryLabs in partnership with Hyundai.

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