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As the automotive industry continues to prosper in the Philippines, news about cars, SUVs, and trucks travels faster than ever. So fast, in fact, that people tend to overlook a huge segment of the automotive world: motorcycles.

We're quicker to shine the spotlight on the sports cars that so often show off along upscale city streets; but unbeknownst to many, there's a superbike scene here in the Philippines that's about to blow up.

Meet Anthony Roman, a champion superbike racer who happens to be one of the country's best and brightest. Roman had his first taste of asphalt at age 12, and he's since gone on to win a number of trophies and titles in the world of motorsport. The gist? He thinks this is only the beginning.

Anthony's passion for racing is evident in Castrol Power 1 Accelerator, a web series that looks into the life of the superbike racer and motorsports enthusiast. Here's an exclusive look at the pilot episode of the series:

Watch and find out more about Anthony, and what it's really like to hit speeds over 200kph on less than four wheels. Peep the first episode here and stay tuned; we'll be releasing the succeeding episodes in the weeks to come.

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