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What wheels should you get this year?

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You've been planning this for a long time and you've finally decided: this is the year you're going to get that new car! Your hard working nature and budgeting savvy are finally going to pay off, and you're going to be rolling in your very own set of wheels. It's going to be excellent in so many ways, and you couldn't be more excited for it.

The hard part—saving, budgeting, planning—is done, and now the only thing that's left to do is decide on what car you should give yourself. Take this quiz to see what ride should be on top of your wishlist. 


Your ideal vacation spot is: 

A coastal town with tropical weather

A 5-star hotel staycation

At a popular tourist destination

Up in the mountains, camping


Your preferred style of dress is: 

Casual wear that's light and breathable

A power suit

Versatile office-wear

Sports and athletic attire


Your friends and family describe you as: 

Cool and stylish

Driven and a go-getter

Accommodating and hospitable

Active and sporty


Your favorite non-fiction consists of: 

The exploits of the rich and famous

Tips from business experts

Books on how to raise a family

Biographies of adventurers


Your wish for everyone is: 

To live life without regret 

To achieve and surpass their professional success goals

More blessings for family and friends

To get out, try new things, and be more active

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