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Most car buyers purchase a brand-new vehicle through bank financing. But very few of them really understand the ABCs of the deal. We've met many car-shoppers who felt like groping in the dark when it came to applying for an automotive loan.

Well, if you're among them, now is the perfect time to be educated. We're giving you a chance to personally ask BPI Family Savings Bank's senior vice president for auto and motorcycle loans, David Sarmiento Jr., any question that pertains to car financing. You may post your question(s) in the comments box below. Only questions that are relevant to car financing or auto/motorcycle loans will be entertained.

We'll pick the five (5) best or most sensible questions for our esteemed executive to answer. The chosen "interviewers" will be acknowledged. This will give them the sense that they are actually corresponding with the executive.

Here, again, are our guidelines:

Ask BPI Family Auto Loan senior vice president David Sarmiento Jr.;

* Keep the questions related to car financing and auto/motorcycle loans;

* Put your complete name so you may be acknowledged later; and

* Check this website in a week or two for the executive's answers.

Ask Mr. Sarmiento now. We will be accepting questions from today (July 31) to August 6, 2012.

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