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Let's admit it: We are a nation with a vague understanding of insurance in general. Many car owners are not even aware of the importance of car insurance as well as the coverage of their insurance policy.

For this installment of Ask The Industry, we have an expert from the Philippine Insurers and Reinsurers Association (PIRA)--the umbrella organization of the insurance industry in the country--to answer your questions and shed light on car insurance. We're giving you a chance to personally ask PIRA spokesperson and Fortune General Insurance president and chief operating officer Michael Rellosa any question about car insurance. You may post your question(s) in the comments box below. Only questions relevant to car insurance will be entertained.

We will pick the five (5) best or most sensible questions for our car-insurance expert to answer. The chosen "interviewers" will be acknowledged. This will give them the sense that they are actually corresponding with the executive.

Here are our guidelines:

* Ask Fortune General Insurance president Michael Rellosa;

* Keep the questions related to car insurance;

* Put your complete name so you may be acknowledged later; and

* Stay logged onto this site for the executive's answers.

Ask Mr. Rellosa now. We will be accepting questions from today until January 10, 2013.

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