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We're rolling out a new feature on our website called "Ask The Industry." Basically, it's a question-and-answer interview featuring the movers and shakers of the car industry. But there's a twist. Instead of us asking the questions, we'll give you, our readers, the opportunity to do the asking.

For the first installment of this new feature, we have Lexus Manila president Danny Isla in the hot seat. We need you to ask a relevant question addressed to said subject. You may post your question(s) on the comment box below. Only questions that pertain to Lexus and to issues that are relevant to Lexus will be entertained.

We'll pick the five (5) best or most sensible questions, which the subject will answer via a video interview. Needless to say, the chosen "interviewers" will be acknowledged in the video. This will give you, first, access to car-industry executives, and, second, the sense that you are actually conversing with the executives face to face.

Here, again, are the guidelines:

* Ask Lexus Manila president Danny Isla;

* Keep the questions related to Lexus and issues affecting Lexus;

* Put your complete name so you may be acknowledged in the video;

* Stay logged onto this site for the video interview; and

* High-five friends if your question got picked.

Ask Mr. Isla now. We will be accepting questions from today (July 1) to July 7, 2011.

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