Remember that e-mail that circulated a while back about the various police cars around the world and ended with this picture? manilas-finest It prompted Atoy Llave and the aftermarket mafia to team up with the San Juan Police and do this.

Photo by Christian Halili
Photo by Christian Halili
It's a drift car authorized by San Juan Mayor JV Ejercito to use the San Juan Police livery. It wasn't turned over to the force for active duty use, within the city there's no use for it anyway. There are barely any high-speed chases in our streets because of the traffic. I can imagine a 590hp police car would be a good idea for a movie though. For one thing, car chases would really look good because the car would slide so often. Now the police force in Humberside, England must have a lot of high-speed chases. Either that or they're just really lucky bastards. Because they've just taken delivery of a Lexus IS-F police vehicle. lexus-isf-1 lexus-isf-2 lexus-isf-3 According to the press release, "specially trained officers spent 12 months evaluating a number of high performance vehicles to target organized criminals in the area. Following a stringent evaluation process the decision was taken to purchase the Lexus IS-F after the vehicle proved to be exceptionally capable of remaining stable in high speed operational policing environments, despite carrying the extra weight provided by the £30,000 (P2.38 million) worth of on-board computers and communications equipment." I wonder if the specially trained officers test drove M3s, C63s and RS4s before arriving at their decision. Now who said the side of the law isn't fun? (Lexus photos from the manufacturer.)
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