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Here is the final installment of Cartistics Auto Club Series. This is a truly inspirational club, and if you want to learn more, you can always log on to their website at There is one last Savet brother and one more member of Cartistics who showed up at the last minute with a work in progress. Now, I think that you all know I have very soft spot for wagons of any kind. I wouldn't mind a big American one from the '80s if given a chance! Ching Savet is the acknowledged painting expert among his brothers, and he acquired this wagon two years ago. It was in pristine condition, and the only things that Ching changed were the color (to an original Delta Blue tone that was available in 1979), the rims, and a roof rack. Some of you have probably seen this car in bone-stock form, but now it has some added character. Everything is all-original from the carpets, seats, and radio. The owner's manual is also intact. Ching has a growing family and needs the space, and when he purchased this car it only had 40,000+kms on it. That's a steal, man. cartistics-part-9-image-01 NAME: CHING SAVET CAR: 1979 TOYOTA CORONA WAGON Restoration Tip: "Number one is the budget, and then look for those who know how to restore cars." cartistics-part-9-image-02 cartistics-part-9-image-03 One more Corolla, but when they all look so good you can't get enough. I certainly can't get tired of looking at these cars. cartistics-part-9-image-04 The original rack and load carrier is a later addition. I am still not sure whether I should attach one on to my wagon or not. It will be handy, but I have second thoughts about drilling holes in the roof. What do the experts have to say? Feel free to share some insights in the comments section. cartistics-part-9-image-05 cartistics-part-9-image-06 cartistics-part-9-image-07 cartistics-part-9-image-08 If this doesn't take you back to the past I don't know what will. Look at how all of the sidings are still so fresh and damage-free. It looks like the previous owner knew how to take car of this wagon. Ching landed himself a solid buy. cartistics-part-9-image-09 Mags are 17x9 Rota Banana rims (RBs). According to Ching the wheel and tire fit perfectly. There isn't any scraping under the wheel wells. This is a very cool touch to a very clean ride. cartistics-part-9-image-10 Before I end this post, here's another car that is soon to be in the Cartistics stable. It's a Toyota Corona "Macho Machine" that belongs to Bam Bam David. cartistics-part-9-image-11 cartistics-part-9-image-13 OWNER: BAM BAM DAVID CAR 1974 CORONA MACHO (COUPE) WHY OLD SCHOOL? "Anybody can set up a new car, but with an old car it takes time and patience." If you guys liked this series, why not get in touch with me and let's feature your group. And to the Cartistics boys, see you all soon!

Paulo Rafael Subido
Editor in Chief
Top Gear Philippines' editor in chief is a driving addict, but with a taste for old-school metal. He loves spending the day in the talyer, working on his cars as a form of relaxation.
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