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I have to put this one up, even if I already made a post about the last old-school swap meet. Thanks for leaving comments, and being real friendly! Glad that you guys like the pictures that I put up, too. I can't help but say, though, that this was my favorite car of the day. It's a wagon, just like my dad's!


This brown Galant Wagon is done up so nicely. Very inspiring stuff. I can only hope that my wagon will look almost as good. Let's see how my restoration goes! The first thing that I noticed was how clean the entire package is. I know that the picture is a bit fuzzy because of the pouring rain, but even then you can still see how the character lines on the side are so dominant. The panels all seem to be really fresh, hardly any bondo (masilya) on them, or at least that's what it looks like. The bumpers are so straight, and all of the aluminum trim is complete. Too bad I wasn't able to take photos of the front, because wow, everything is in place and shiny. Inside, the trim and sidings are complete, undamaged, and wrapped in plastic (which was the thing to do back then). No wonder every piece is preserved! I managed to chat with owner, but only for a little bit. I hope we cross paths again in the future because I wasn't able to get the story of his wagon. Here's another reason why wagons rock:


You can haul all sorts of parts at the back, and have shelter from the rain if you need it. The level of craftsmanship on this car (just like the numerous cars present that day) shows that the commitment of the owner. If you're ride is a reflection of yourself, might as well go all-out. My plans for my wagon are very simple--compared to what we see here. I was willing to settle for an 'okay' restoration job, but now I want to put more effort into it. Seeing cars done up so nicely can inspire you. I'm sure plenty of you feel the same way. I will be posting updates about my restoration soon. It would be great if you guys can share some advice. Until the next post!

Paulo Rafael Subido
Editor in Chief
Top Gear Philippines' editor in chief is a driving addict, but with a taste for old-school metal. He loves spending the day in the talyer, working on his cars as a form of relaxation.
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