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With all the photos going viral showing cheap gas prices, is it safe for our cars to be filled up with these affordable fuels? Because the stuff sold at the top three gas stations is a pain in the a**. Will it be okay if we gas up at cheap and 'generic' gas stations? Because it's a whole lot cheaper. What are your insights? Hoping to hear from you. More power! If ever you are gonna post this do keep me anonymous. Thank you and more power! 

Fuel miser


Hi anonymous fuel miser,

I don't exactly know what you mean by 'generic' gas stations, but if you mean unbranded fuel from an unknown source sold by a shady looking gas station on a lonely highway, with a service garage full of cars and a hotel packed with the owners of said vehicles, I would probably pass on it if I had a choice.

On the other hand, most fuels sold at almost any reputable gas station these days have to pass certain standards. The standards ensure that any fuels that comply will perform just like any other fuel that meets the same standards. It shouldn't matter who sells it or where it is sold from in most cases.

My advice, find a gas station that enables the best performance while giving you the lowest peso per kilometer cost and drivability for your car, and stick with it.

I've touched on how to compute for it elsewhere but the summary is:

1) Compute for kilometer per liter traveled by topping off each time you refill your tank, then divide your total kilometers traveled by the number of liters it took you to refill your tank.

2) Compute for cost per kilometer by dividing the cost per liter by the number of kilometers per liter you got above. The result will be a peso per kilometer figure. A lower number is better.


Ferman Lao

Technical editor

Ferman Lao
Technical Editor
Wearing the hats of a race car driver, driving instructor, grease monkey, tuner, dyno operator, auto shop owner, motoring journalist and CAGI president at one time or another, or all at once, deep down he's just another guy who loves cars.
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