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My wife has a Suzuki Celerio AT 2011. The engine is vibrating like hell, particularly when idle and shifting gears. Can you help with this?

Concerned husband


If I recall correctly, your wife's Suzuki Celerio has a 997cc three-cylinder engine that outputs about 66hp at 6,200 rpm and 95Nm at 3,500 rpm. Generally speaking, three-cylinder engines aren't the smoothest of engines to begin with due to their design which sacrifices smoothness for compactness. Three-cylinders typically have more vibration than an equivalent four-cylinder engine (or higher) of the same displacement. This isn't to say they are worse—they're just different, and the vibrations can be quelled to almost negligible levels with good old-fashioned engineering creativity.

I can still recall how your Celerio drives, and wouldn't describe its vibration at idle or when shifting gears as colorfully as you do.

I would surmise that one or perhaps more of your engine supports may be in need of replacement. Most car manufacturers do a really do a good job of making sure that their cars run as smooth and comfortably as possible, no matter the price point. This naturally assumes that the car owners will be following the maintenance schedule as prescribed in the owner's manual, and that any part that fails be given the correct attention. If it is the mounts, you will want to get it taken care of sooner rather than later, as the excessive vibration is going to affect the other parts hangers and may possibly damage them.

I'd take if to a Suzuki service center and have them give it a once over and see what they say. I'd also go as far as having a tune up and transmission fluid change, if you're past due.

Thanks for writing in!


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