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Dear Ferman,

I just want to know if I could use Petron's XCS (95 RON). Ford Balintawak told me that I could only use a 97 octane fuel for my car, that is why I only use V-power/Blaze.


Brian Cruz

Hi, Brian!

Given that the alternative fuel you want to use is rated in RON (Research Octane Number)--which is less detonation-resistant than a fuel rated in MON (Motor Octane Number) for the same number--it would be best to use what you are currently using.

If you want an alternative to Blaze or V-Power, you can try SeaOil's Extreme 97. High-performance engines often demand fuels that are resistant to knocking due to their nature (higher static compression ratio, more aggressively tuned ECU programming, etc.) but using a high octane fuel on an engine that can't take advantage of such won't do much other than to increase your fuel costs.

Best regards,

Ferman Lao

Ferman Lao
Technical Editor
Wearing the hats of a race car driver, driving instructor, grease monkey, tuner, dyno operator, auto shop owner, motoring journalist and CAGI president at one time or another, or all at once, deep down he's just another guy who loves cars.
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