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Dear Top Gear,

My heart goes out to all the victims of typhoon Ondoy and I hope my question, though it may seem shallow, still deserves an answer despite this moment of sadness.

I just want to ask if those vehicles submerged in deep waters can still function normally. What steps should be taken to restore them or can they be considered mere scrap now?

Thanks a lot!


Hi, Tolitzki!

Yes, they may still be restored provided they were not damaged so badly. Here are some tips one can follow to get a flooded-in car working again:

- Dry it out, particularly the electronics, moving parts like bearings and what-nots.

- Clean all the electrical sockets and terminals, if possible.

- Remove water from engine and in other parts it may have gotten in to.

- Wash, clean and dry out the interior.

- Change all the fluids before attempting to get the car running again.

Cleaning a car after it's been submerged in flood is really tedious and time consuming, and it doesn't guarantee everything will immediately work properly. But it is not impossible given enough time, effort and, realistically, some money.

Best regards,

Ferman Lao

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