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Hi. Why is it that every time I switch on my car, I need someone to push my vehicle because my battery is discharged? I turn off everything before I switch off the car's ignition. My battery is also new. Do you have any idea what's wrong? What should I do to keep it working properly?

Carl Francis Tinsay


Hi, Carl. Without knowing what your car is, I'll have to consider some possible scenarios for your problem.

If your battery is new (I'd consider new to be less than a month old) and fails to your start your car in the morning, I would have the battery checked and possibly replaced. Most automotive batteries don't like being fully discharged. Do it a few times and you'll likely need to change the battery.

One possible cause could also be that your car's charging system isn't up to the task of properly charging your battery while supplying enough electricity to keep your car running. A trip to an electrical shop that has the proper tools to check your vehicle's charging system will take care of that. If the alternator or other parts of the charging system aren't doing their job, the shop can either rebuild or replace the culprit as needed. The electrical shop should be able to determine what your options are. Be aware that a slightly loose alternator belt can also be a possible source of the problem.

It could also be faulty wiring that's sapping your battery of power even when the engine and all its accessories are turned off. A good electrician should be able to tell you if this is the case. He should also be able to track it down. It's a tedious task, so be patient with your electrician—and good electricians aren't easy to find.


Finally, would it be possible that it's your starter that's the problem and not the battery?

Keep us posted!

Ferman Lao
Technical Editor 

Ferman Lao
Technical Editor
Wearing the hats of a race car driver, driving instructor, grease monkey, tuner, dyno operator, auto shop owner, motoring journalist and CAGI president at one time or another, or all at once, deep down he's just another guy who loves cars.
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