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Hi, Botchi!

I would like ask for your advice on which one is a much better pick: Ford Everest or Mitsubishi Montero Sport? I'm planning to buy a brand-new SUV as a family vehicle used for driving through rough mountainous areas in Quezon province and Cavite. Thanks for your advice and God bless!

Best regards,
Jay Arc


Hi, Jay. There are rumors of an all-new Ford Everest coming out soon, following the release of Ford's new Ranger pickup. While Ford insists that the new Everest might not be related to the Ranger platform-wise, it's quite safe to assume that a replacement is due soon anyway as the Everest is getting pretty long in the tooth indeed and is in need of--at the very least--a really major makeover.

The Mitsubishi Montero Sport? What have I not said about it? Great value for money, great engine and transmission, daring looks. Sure, the roof can be taller like a Fortuner's, and the ride can be made better for on-road use, but aside from these, there's not much else not to like--and plenty to be excited about despite its also being quite old, approaching the middle of its service life.

The answer to your query depends on how much off-roading you plan to do. The Montero Sport isn't the best off-road-capable SUV out of the box, especially when you take it to very slow, very rough off-road trails. The Everest is better at that, right out of the box.

The Montero Sport excels, however, on smooth surfaces, or on fast and flowing dirt roads, like rally stages rather than slow and torturous trails that require a lot of winching. The Montero Sport is also faster and more powerful, and hence more fun on the paved road. The top-spec variant GTV also gets paddle shifters so navigating twisty roads quickly is more fun.


In short, unless you really do need a serious mud-plugger, the Montero Sport can hack it just fine in about 90 percent of most conditions the average Filipino motorist will ever face in his/her life. The Mitsubishi is faster, more refined, newer, roomier and more comfortable than the aging Everest. It also has satnav/GPS/MP3 connectivity and DVD player with a display monitor available from the factory.

Hope this helps! Good luck and God bless!

Botchi Santos
Consumer Editor


Which midsize SUV should Jay get?
Ford Everest
Mitsubishi Montero Sport

Botchi Santos
Consumer Editor
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