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Hi, Botchi!

We're choosing between a Mitsubishi Adventure GLS Sport Diesel, an Isuzu Crosswind XTI or XT and a Toyota Innova. It will be our first brand new vehicle and we want it to be worth it. Please help us decide.



Hi, Ringo!

Great to hear from you! I'm hoping all is well on your end.

Regarding your query, no doubt the Toyota Innova is the best choice. In fact, it is almost unfair to compare the Toyota Innova with the Mitsubishi Adventure or the Isuzu Crosswind as the Innova is many times more refined, spacious and comfortable. I personally love the top-model Innova V with the 2.5 liter D4-D engine and captain's seats in the middle but it is quite pricey. The Innova is a more refined MPV (multi-purpose vehicle) rather than the more agricultural AUV (Asean Utility Veihicle).

Instead of the Adventure, it is the Mitsubishi Fuzion you should be looking at as it is even better--interior-wise--compared with the Innova. Unfortunately, they still do not have a diesel variant. If they had a diesel engine for this, the Fuzion would be perfect. Right now, it sits second next to the Innova V. Like the Toyota Innova, is an MPV rather than an AUV.

The Adventure is okay, but it's nothing great. It is old, but very tough and simple inside and out so keeping it long-term is worthwhile as it will be very affordable to maintain so it would be third on my list. A lot of tourist taxis and shuttle services use an Adventure for a very good set of reasons: it's tough, simple and affordable. It's very decent to drive, AUV or not.

The Isuzu Crosswind is quite a poor choice. The seats lack support which makes it very tiresome to use on a long drive. The engine is loud and not very strong and the ride is much bouncier, in my opinion, compared to the Adventure. And it is expensive for what you pay for.

Good luck on your purchase!

Botchi Santos

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