#JuanWash away: 5 of the hardest automotive grease stains to remove from clothes

Anyone who does DIY work on his car should know
Oct 4, 2017
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There’s a rewarding feeling that comes with working on your own car. Applying all of your skills, knowledge, and effort into fixing and caring for your ride brings joy to any gearhead. Of course, there's one big drawback to this practice: those grease stains that are almost impossible to remove.

Next time you work on your ride, watch out for these stain-causing compounds. And remember that if you get your duds dirty, you can wash them on your own.

1) Motor oil. Changing your car’s oil is a straightforward process. The tricky part is catching the used oil in a pan without spilling any of it. Even a tiny dab of oil on your shirt can be tough to remove. And when you’re handling liters of the stuff, it quickly becomes a delicate operation.

2) Grease. Talk to any veteran mechanic and you’ll notice that their hands and nails bear the scars of their trade, in the form of persistent grease stains. The stuff is all over your car’s engine bay and running gear. Even if you wash your hands regularly, getting the grease off can be difficult. Same goes for stains in your clothing. 

3) Brake/clutch fluid. Some cars require you to “bleed” your brake or clutch fluid when you flush out and top up the reservoirs. This is usually a clean process, but in case a tube or funnel goes awry, then out comes all that greasy fluid straight on to your shirt and pants.

4) Tire black. When you’re doing the finishing touches on your car after a thorough wash, be careful not to spill any tire black onto your clothes. It won’t have the same effect on fabric as it does on rubber, unfortunately.

5) Fluids from the suspension, the transmission, and other moving parts. Your car’s internals all require fluid to run smoothly. And these lubricants and your clean clothes just don’t mix.

Men should spend as much time with the washing machine as they do tinkering with their cars. If you get your clothes dirty, you should wash them clean. And for this, Ariel is the brand to get the job done. Through its #JuanWash campaign, Ariel seeks to inspire men to contribute to so-called female household chores, like doing the wash. And when guys have Ariel Power Gel to help, doing the laundry is a cinch. 

Ariel's #JuanWash campaign is the first time a detergent brand in the Philippines is targeting a male audience, a demographic that laundry detergent traditionally does not speak to. But because of modernizing concepts of gender equality and empowerment, Ariel presents itself as the detergent for real men who fix their own cars and do their own laundry.

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