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Top Gear Philippines

RR Enriquez and Jeck Maierhofer's viral video

Early this morning, we posted a video on our Facebook page that quickly became viral. That video was made and uploaded by TV personality RR Enriquez together with companion Jeck Conwi Maierhofer. We later learned that Enriquez is the girlfriend of PBA player Jayjay Helterbrand, while Maierhofer is the wife of another PBA player (Rico Maierhofer).

In the video, the two ladies are seen trying to pull a prank on a sleeping passenger of a UV Express vehicle, which is directly in front of their car. Enriquez, who is driving, honks her horn loudly in an attempt to startle the dozing passenger. When the man is seen waking to the sound of the blaring horn, both Enriquez and Maierhofer let out a hearty laugh, as though they have accomplished the most meaningful feat of their existence.

As you can imagine, people got angry after watching the video--except for a handful of individuals who couldn't seem to grasp what was so wrong about the rude stunt. There are now many comments not fit for publication here, but we want to share with you the 10 wittiest ones (the selection of which isn't easy as there are now more than 7,700 comments as we publish this):

1. "Too bad the guy they woke up couldn't have money as easy as showing cleavage on TV." - Glecy Riomalos

2. "Please. They are not celebrities. I don't even know who these morons are. And can someone make sure to give them birth control? The likes of them shouldn't procreate. Too many dumba** people in the world." - Tere Ribano

3. "Teary-eyed public apology coming up." - Monz Reyes

4. "Some people can buy their own cars, but class can never be bought and breeding is never for sale." - Michelle Alpas

5. "I fail to see the comedy in waking up clearly tired people and laughing at their misfortune. That's just being an a**hole." - Rey Angelo Mendez

6. "Am I the only one who doesn't know who they are?" - Ethan Tence

7. "Lucky for them, they're sitting comfortably in their car, without considering the situation of others who have to endure commuting for hours. The poor guy is just using the time to get some rest. You girls should get a life." - Regina Malacas

8. "Cheap, low-level attention-seekers." - Janine Topacio

9. "Don't you realize that those people who ride shuttles may have better cars than you? They just chose to prioritize much more important things in life--like being humble, knowing where they came from, and having class." - Brian Tumalad Badilla


10. "Values and character are reflected even in the simplest act of driving. These two women only showed that they have no values and character at all." - Gina Presbitero Birge

If you want to read what other people had to say, click here.

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