10 common reasons why a biker is left out from group rides

by Aris Ilagan | Sep 18, 2016

motorcycle rider

Joining a motorcycle club has its benefits. Either for purposes of camaraderie, brotherhood, or even just for sourcing spare parts and accessories, bike organizations are known to satisfy a rider's sense of belongingness. Members feel like they're part of one big, happy family.

Fellow riders stick together during ups and downs. They celebrate momentous occasions together, protect each other's back, and sympathize with one another when times get rough. They're naturally coherent species.


But what happens if one or two of them refuse to follow house rules? You simply drop them from group activities, right?

So here are 10 of the most common reasons why a rider is left behind during group rides:

1. He’s fond of showboating with his motorbike. Whenever the group is riding in a formation, this type of rider just cannot resist showing off his stunts like wheelies, tire burns, and "endos" (stopping abruptly to lift the rear wheel) to attract attention even if it puts his fellow riders at risk.   

2. He cannot follow simple instructions. From simple queuing in gasoline stations, up to maintaining safe distance from riders up front and behind, he just can’t digest guidelines of safety riding procedures.

3. He refuses to chip in for group expenses. When he senses the food bill is about to come out, he would always excuse himself and rush to the restroom.

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4. He’s noisier and more boisterous than an open tailpipe. Riders take long trips usually to meditate and recharge. We need moments of silence. If there's is a guy who just can’t shut his mouth even for a few seconds, he rides alone next time.

5. He never parks his motorbike properly. When everyone agreed to park their bike in a parallel arrangement, he would always do the opposite.

6. He cannot get the proper pronunciation of the club name. Whether he’s wearing dentures or not, he just has trouble pronouncing the club's name correctly. Remember that the club name is sacred to its members.

7. He cannot take his eyes off other riders' wives or girlfriends. This is one of the most despicable of all no-no’s in group riding. Every rider’s companion must be accorded with respect and courtesy at all times.

8. He mounts another bike and tinkers with it without the owner’s permission. Many non-riders are not aware of this, but whenever someone sits on a bike without the consent of the owner, this gives the latter a feeling that someone is doing intimate things on his bed while he’s away. 


9. He cannot refrain from comparing his motorbike to others. “Mine is better than yours” is his usual line.  

10. He always claims that his borrowed motorbike is his. Call him the “Great Pretender.” This would put weight to suggestions that every test bike unit be marked as a “test unit” to dissuade these mediocre riders from making false claims.

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PHOTO: Jayson Willie Lansing
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