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10 things only girls who love cars will understand

They’re just like us, only cuter

10 things car girls will understand

Ever since I was a little girl, I've always loved cars. While other girls collected and played with Barbie dolls and playhouses, I was cleaning my collection of Ferrari scale models and mini Tamiyas. My love for four-wheeled machines began when my dad bought me one of those collectibles from a gas station, a silver Ferrari 456. Since then, I have never stopped appreciating every car that I see, and have always dreamed of having a really nice ride.

Now that my partner and I have our very own amethyst purple Mitsubishi Mirage, I can't help appreciate every part of it. I love even the small details, and do everything that I can to make it look beautiful. After spending some time living my childhood dream, I can list down 10 things that I think female car nuts will understand.

1. A hairline scratch bothers me a lot. Unlike other girls, I can't stand seeing even just a really small scratch on my car. Whenever I ask other people how to remove it or how much it'll cost to have it repaired, they always tell me that the scratch is almost invisible. But for me, it’s still THERE! It breaks my heart. It feels like my baby has a defect.

2. I'd rather save up for vehicle upgrades than for make-up. The only cosmetic accessory I have is a lip tint.

3. I can't stand to see my car really dirty and messy. A car wash is scheduled almost every week. They say that a guy’s car is always clean, and that a girl’s automobile is always unkempt. I can say that I’m not one of those girls. Every time I step out of my car, I make sure that there isn’t any trash anywhere, and if you plan to eat inside, make sure you won’t drop any crumbs or it’ll be your last ride.

4. I always feel like cars around me want to race. I drive a pink car, so a lot of people already assume that the driver is a girl. Safe to say that half of guy drivers around me always want to pass me, because they’re thinking, "I can’t let a girl be in front of me." So every now and then, someone accelerates really fast beside me or cuts me off.

5. "Babae kase" is the last damn thing I want to hear when driving. There was an instance when all the pedicab drivers made our street their parking lot. I honked at them to let them know that roads are for moving vehicles, and I needed to get through along with other cars behind me. Instead of transferring, these pedicab drivers told me to squeeze in between them. "Oh come on," I thought. I didn’t want to risk getting scratched, so I just shifted to park and pulled my handbrake and didn’t move an inch from where I was. Finally, a pedicab driver relented, but when I passed them, I heard them laugh and say, "Babae kase, mahina ang loob." Seriously?! Ugh.

6. While other girls go to fashion events, you'll find me bumping elbows with guys in a motor show. Beauty and fashion make all women happy. Cars just make me happier.

7. I check out cars, not boys. Yup, I'd rather look for awesome Subaru BRZ or BMW i8 wallpapers than Channing Tatum’s photo. (Wait, I take that back...)

8. Whenever I step out of my car at an automotive or car-wash shop, guys will always start a conversation. I always meet a new guy whenever I buy, upgrade or even just take my car out for cleaning. There will always be someone who’ll ask me, “Ikaw nag-set up niyan?” I feel like it’s their first time meeting a girl who’s into automobiles.

9. I always ask for anything motoring-related as a gift for my birthday or Christmas. I appreciate front and side skirts more than real skirts and branded leather bags or shoes.

10. It’s easier to get the attention of your favorite motoring publication when you’re a car girl. You're reading the proof.

Photo by Ehlorie Garcia


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