12 undeniable signs you're riding a mom's car

by Ira Nopuente | May 9, 2015

Signs you're in a mother's car

A mommy car's main function is to take her and the kids safely to their destination. Its contents? Enough to put any Girl Scout to shame.

It may seem that mothers like me have transformed our cars into an extension of the house, but we don't mind! You see, travelling with kids requires us to be prepared for any situation. Aside from the usual car essentials, our ride needs to be equipped with boredom-killing gear--anything that will keep the young passengers (and mommy dearest) sane. Check out the list below to see if you agree.

1. For starters, there's a child safety seat in the back. We need to keep the little ones safe and behaved throughout the trip.

2. It's full of gas. The idea of getting stranded in unknown land with crying tots is a living nightmare.

3. The glove compartment is filled with clean-up paraphernalia. When you're with kids, anything can happen. The compartment is complete with baby wipes, hand sanitizer, alcohol and tissue. Oh, a tiny trash bin is placed at the back for easy tidying.


4. There is a biyahilo arsenal. Long trips can sometimes cause kids to have motion sickness, so a mom never leaves without White Flower, candies and a brown paper bag.

5. There is an extra set of kid's clothes and baby powder. Because food spills, sweat and vomit happen. Nuff said.

6. There are always icy bottles of water and reserve snacks. It's always best to have cold water and cookies for thirsty and hungry children. But of course, we never leave bottled water in the car because the heat can seep chemicals into the water.

7. Emergency money is hidden everywhere. You'll find cash and coins in the center console, cupholder, glove compartment, and in the card holder clipped on the visor. We like the idea of never running out of money for parking, toll and fuel!

8. The back seat is the extension of a kid's bedroom. When the children get sleepy, they can rest comfortably with their cushy, cartoon-character printed pillows and blankets.

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9. You'll spot a box of toys. We need to have toys in the car to keep the little ones entertained. Having these in the car prevents us from being asked the golden question, "Are we there yet?"

10. There is a stash of device chargers for every gadget you could think of. Apart from toy cars and dolls, tablets and smartphones are essential to keep the kids busy while you drive in rush-hour traffic.

11. You'll also see potty paraphernalia. When our darlings were just babies, we'd always have a diaper bag in the car, but when they grew up, we must have a makeshift potty. For some unexplained reason, children's bladders get full when you've just passed an establishment with a restroom.

12. Disney-themed music is playing throughout the trip. While we may have our own jam, we have the Frozen soundtrack on loop. If you've got a son, you're kinda lucky because he can enjoy tugtugs music.

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