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Watch: The all-new Land Rover Defender looks set to surpass its predecessor

“This car will be better in every measurable way”

If a car model has lived long enough to see way past the golden age of 50, people start to think if there ever will be a next-generation model to come at all. Case in point: the Land Rover Defender. Its maker, however, has spent the last few months putting an end to all that talk, before officially introducing the newest generation of its storied SUV at the 2019 Frankfurt Motor Show.

Needless to say, the original Defender is a well-loved icon that still captures the hearts of many to this day, but we also have to admit that the introduction of an all-new model really felt long overdue. Not that the old design was outdated—it already reached classic status a long time ago. It’s just that the outgoing model simply lacks the tech, comfort, and sustainability offered by much newer vehicles.

The redesigned exterior, the more premium interior, and all the driver-assist technologies provide for a much more modern Defender. But what will really give this new model the edge over its 70-year-old predecessor is that it will have a plug-in hybrid version in the future.

Land Rover is also aiming to expand the Defender’s market and entice not only loyalists and fans, but also the general public. Apart from the different variants and trims, there’s a long list of extra accessories that customers can choose from—a total of 170 options, to be exact. The brand has incorporated these accessories into four different preset packages, namely: Explorer, Adventure, Country, and Urban.

Top Gear deputy editor Jack Rix put it simply: “This car will be better in every measurable way.” True enough, the details on paper and how the vehicle looks at first glance already give you a sense that this is a much-improved version of the old Defender. If you want to learn more, click play on the embedded video above and watch the Top Gear exclusive, or check out our previous story here.

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