3 fuel-saving myths you probably still believe to be true

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Nov 23, 2016
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When it comes to fuel efficiency, motorists have subscribed to certain beliefs that may not necessarily be true. Ask anyone who drives and you're going to get an opinion or two on the following fuel-saving myths:

All fuels are the same.
Gasoline and diesel are both fuels, but they're different. Kerosene and diesel are both fuels, but they're not the same. There are also differences in gasoline variants: Some contain fuel performance additives, while others do not. Knowing this can mean the difference between a smooth-running, efficient ride, and a seized-up wreck. 

Higher octane, better engine performance, better mileage.
A higher octane doesn't immediately guarantee that gasoline will burn more efficiently, nor does it mean the fuel has more energy in it. The octane number refers to how resistant to auto-ignition your gasoline is. This also has nothing to do with getting better mileage or performance. If you want to be sure, go for the octane rating that's prescribed by your vehicle's owner's manual.

Fill up when it's cold.
The myth suggests that it's better to gas up at night when it's much colder and the fuel is denser. This way, you can get a more concentrated (and overall better) fuel. Though this is partly true, gas stations store fuel deep underground to ensure that it's well-protected from the elements. It's pretty cold inside those underground tanks, so filling up at 5 a.m. is essentially the same as filling up at 5 p.m.

Instead of relying on myths, why not start using fuel that maximizes the potential of your car's performance and mileage?

Choose Caltex—a 5-Star fuel that contains Techron®: a specially formulated additive that helps keep your engine clean. It removes dirty deposits in vital engine parts to help restore lost power and acceleration.

Switching from a fuel with lower RON rating to Caltex Platinum (95 RON) ensures that you get more Techron with Clean and Glide technology per liter of gasoline! Having more Techron means more cleaning ingredients and friction modifiers for a faster, cleaner, and smoother drive.

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