4 car mods that express your personality

You car is your canvas
Mar 24, 2017
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Car mod-ing is both a celebration of style and a way to stand out from the crowd—especially when the chances of someone owning the exact same car as you are very high. The cool thing about car mods is that everyone has a statement to make. And, depending on what kind of motorist you are, your personality will reflect in your choice of car accessories.

Whether you’re rocking chrome spinners, rugged dubs, or even imported OEMs, rims make a simple statement about the person behind the wheel: “style matters.” True, a set of lightweight, performance wheels serve a functional purpose and may make a big difference on the racetrack. But off it, chances are they’re on a car because they look good.

Sound system
This one’s a dead giveaway: a car with a killer sound system definitely ferries an audiophile. It might have sub-woofers giving that boom-boom from the backside, or a refined clarity set-up, but the same thing remains: this driver likes his music, and he likes to enjoy it with the best audio quality possible.

Body kit
Having a body kit attached to your car clearly says that you are the type that likes being seen and constantly wants to improve yourself. Attaching such a kit can’t be rushed (if you want to do a good job about it), but the end result is most often worth the wait (if body kits are your thing). What you get is a unique-looking car that will turn heads wherever it rolls.

Under the hood
Enjoy getting the powerhouse of your ride upgraded? You obviously like driving, and relish track days when you can put your engine tweaks to the test. These aren't exactly visible modifications, but you know that under the hood, you’ve got a beast. You might actually be the strong and silent type. But who knows? Maybe you just enjoy going fast.

There exists a multitude are different types of automobile set-ups, and each one aims to do one thing: to unleash a driver’s personality on the road. For those who enjoy a good car mod, there is Rogin-E. 

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