4 tips to survive your daily drive on NLEX

Make driving on the NLEX a breeze
Feb 23, 2017
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The NLEX, all 84 kilometers of it, is one of the longest and busiest thoroughfares in the Philippines, connecting Metro Manila and several neighboring locales. It services around 200,000 vehicles daily and is an important passageway, both for business and leisure. 

Driving along the NLEX every day isn't something to take lightly; plying this busy highway on a daily basis is a feat in itself. Being a high-speed road (always follow the speed limit, people!), one needs utmost concentration especially when things can get monotonous driving in a straight line for a long period of time. Then there are the long lines at the toll gates, which are never cool. Good thing these handy tips are here to help you get through your NLEX drive with safety and ease. Check out the video below to see how: 

When it comes to acing the long drive—especially on a road like the NLEX—you should never try to save time by driving over the speed limit. You're better off getting a prepaid Tap & Go Smart Mastercard, which will allow you to pay your toll faster and with less stress. No need to fumble around for bills and coins, all you need to do is tap your Tap & Go Smart Mastercard on the transmitter and you're off! Now that's a safe and convenient solution for driving on the NLEX. 

Smart and PayMaya have come a long way from their initial concept of creating a virtual prepaid Mastercard (via the downloadable PayMaya app) that caters to the "uncarded" market who wanted to enjoy the benefits of an online payment solution. Now with the Tap & Go Smart Mastercard, not only are toll payments in select toll gates along the NLEX made easier, but so are dining, shopping, and doing anything else at Mastercard-accredited establishments along both the NLEX and now the CAVITEX. The tap-to-pay benefit is clear here for the Smart Mastercard, since it's the first prepaid Mastercard accepted for toll payments. That's convenient.  

For more information on how to apply for your own prepaid Tap & Go Smart Mastercard, click here

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