4 ways cars can build memories for parents and their kids

Bonding is always better over cars.
Oct 14, 2016
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Cars and kids: there's something about this combination that just spells "bonding." Automobiles have a certain power for bringing parents and their children closer to one another. And whether it's the car itself or the things you can do with it, the potential for creating special moments is immediately higher with one in the mix. Here are just some ways kids and their folks bond over cars. 

Road trips. What kid doesn't enjoy a nice, steady ride? It might be a trip to the museum, zoo, theme park, toy store, or just a joyride around town to see what's going—but these are special moments that can't be taken for granted. It's just people getting into a car and driving around, but the road trip shared between parents and kids is always something special. 

Washing the car. Young children, generally, love playing with soap, water, and hoses. Though, as a parent, you can't expect the professional-grade clean you would get from a fancy carwash, seeing your kids having fun while washing the car is priceless.

Introducing your kid to safe motoring. It's all about sharing your good habits behind the wheel. Make the most of this fun opportunity to introduce him to the world of responsible motoring. 

Bonding over toy cars. Toy cars are a favorite among kids. Remember when you joined your mom or dad at the toy store and they made you pick one toy car? That sure was a special day. As a parent, you can (and should) recreate that feeling with your own child. 

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