5 common excuses every Metro Manila driver has for being late

You've used these at least once
Jun 22, 2017
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It's a jungle out there; and heavy traffic is part of any driver's life–unfortunately. For drivers in Metro Manila, there could be a number of reasons why they sometimes arrive late to dinner parties, come in late for work, or miss a few minutes of PTA meetings. If you drive yourself around town, perhaps you may have used at least one of these excuses: 

“Ang traffic kasi.”

Anyone who has ever plied EDSA on a Monday morning knows the heavy traffic on that highway. The worst part is that it doesn’t get that much better on other days of the week—whether on EDSA or any of Metro Manila’s major highways.

“May re-blocking pala ngayon.”

“You know why traffic in Manila is so bad? Because the roads are horrible!” You’ve probably heard someone say these words. The irony, though, is that fixing said horrible roads creates more traffic (albeit temporarily) because vehicles have to be redirected to allow for repairs to commence. Indeed, few words strike fear into the hearts of drivers quite like “re-blocking.” 

“May tumirik na bus sa EDSA.”

Drivers are lucky in that they can brave the traffic in the comfort of their own vehicle. Commuters, on the other hand, often have to travel in buses in order to get to and from work. But when a bus breaks down in the middle of EDSA, both drivers and commuters are in for a major headache. Given its size, a stalled bus will further constrict the already jammed lanes of the road.

 “Ang lakas kasi ng ulan!”

Some days the traffic gods are forgiving, and the streets of Metro Manila are actually driveable. However, when the rain starts pouring, you can be certain that there will be additional minutes or even an hour or two to your drive. Heavy rains cause flooding in some areas of Metro Manila, which can cause unbearable traffic jam.

“Ang tagal magpa-gas, eh.”

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