5 driving techniques that prolong your car's life

The way you drive affects your engine
Jul 11, 2017
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Your car's lifespan largely depends on the way you drive it. If you regularly push it to its limits, it's more likely to break down sooner than expected. In addition to proper maintenance, you should also pay extra attention to the way you operate it. If you want to prolong your car's life, make it a point to do the following on a regular basis: 

Warm it up. It's best to warm up your car engine before taking it out for a spin, especially during cold or rainy days. Since the oil is thicker in the cold, it takes a longer time for moving parts to operate. Cold gasoline is also slower to burn, making it harder for your engine to do its job.

Shift gears smoothly. When you shift gears too early or too late, you give your transmission and engine excessive wear. Also, while engine braking is effective in slowing down your car, doing it on a regular basis gives your engine too much stress.

Avoid driving with heavy loads. Packing your car with loads exceeding its capacity can compromise your car’s suspension system and under chassis parts like bushings, tie rod, and rack end. It's also worth mentioning that when you drive with heavy loads, your car’s fuel efficiency is compromised.

Go easy on the pedal. It’s very tempting to feed your need for speed in an open road. But when your push your car beyond the speed limit, its engine, transmission, and under chassis components are extra hard at work. When you go wild on the accelerator, your car is more likely to break down. 

Choose the right fuel. This may seem like a no-brainer—but many drivers care less about the fuel they put in their cars. When you put substandard fuel to your car, you're not really giving your engine the care it deserves. Choose a fuel brand that will give your car both performance and efficiency, like the new and improved Shell V-Power with Dynaflex Technology. Co-engineered with Ferrari and developed by 170 fuel scientists globally, it is designed to reduce friction inside the engine and remove deposit build-ups that take away your car's power.

To know more about the new Shell V-Power and how it can help restore your engine’s performance, visit their website today, or watch this video: 

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