5 instances when driving isn’t always the best option

It’s okay to leave your car keys at home sometimes.
Sep 7, 2018
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Pinoys love cars, and maybe a little too much. Our streets are the most crowded they’ve ever been in years, and the time we spend on the road daily isn't getting any shorter. Public transport and ridesharing are available options, but the convenience of driving your own car is hard to beat. Still, there are instances when driving can be counterproductive, impractical, and even dangerous. Here are some situations when it's better to drop the keys and leave your car parked.

During rush hour. Instead of stressing out while stuck in traffic, grab dinner with friends. Or if you're looking for some me time, find a quiet corner where you can plug in your headphones and catch up on that TV series you’ve been dying to watch. Anything is better than getting stuck in rush hour madnessyou'll thank yourself later.

When fuel prices spike. You obviously don’t want to be spending more than you should on your car, and a fuel price hike is a good reason to ride share or take public transport. If you really must bring a car going to work, organize a carpool with friends who live in your area and split the gas costs.

When your destination is just around the block. When you can walk, do it. It’s the simplest, most convenient kind of exercise,  and lets you reduce your carbon footprint. You'd most likely get stuck in traffic getting there anyway, and it’s not worth the hassle.

After a particularly emotional ordeal. Emotions are powerful. They can cloud your judgment and make you do stupid things, and you can’t have that kind of instability behind the wheel. Feeling low? Leave the car keys at home and find someone who'll listen.

When you know you have a night of drinking ahead. You won't be less of a man if you say, “I'll be drinking tonight, so I should leave the car at home and just book a ride later after the party.”

That, sir, is called thinking ahead. We don’t have to remind you that driving under the influence (DUI) is not cool.

The last thing you want when you're at a party is to constantly worry about getting tagged for DUI later on or worse, getting into an accident. Leave the keys at home and allow yourself to enjoy the night.

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