5 misconceptions about lady drivers that need to be debunked

Jun 28, 2017
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Despite the fact that there are countless competent and capable women drivers out on the road every day, misconceptions and stereotypes still abound every time a woman gets behind the wheel. They’re used in movies, tv shows, and punch lines too many times to be easily forgotten, even in this day and age.

Women are bad drivers; women are always slow on the road; women don’t belong in the driver’s seat at all—we've heard them all before. Now let us tell you why these statements are untrue and why we should stop spreading them.

Girls are slow drivers.

Have you ever driven along EDSA? Or how about the shady outskirts of Manila? More often than not, drivers have to keep their foot on the brakes constantly and maneuver oh-so-gingerly around roadblocks, potholes, and even people. Car drivers, men and women both, have no choice but to slow down and drive carefully around Manila.

Women can’t park their cars quickly or properly.

Badly executed urban planning can lead to tight car slots that are very difficult to park in, no matter what the model of the vehicle is or who’s behind the wheel. Women are choosy when picking a space and take their time parking because they don’t want to scratch their cars; or worse, damage another person’s car in the process. It's a habit a lot more people should practice.

Girls in the driver’s seat are prone to accidents.

Numerous accidents happen everyday. While lady drivers are behind a fair few of them, men are equally capable of causing unfortunate incidents on the road. Bad drivers are prone to accidents, that’s it—no gender qualifier necessary.

Ladies don’t know how to fix their own cars.

Women can use a jack, change a flat tire, and jump-start a car as well as any guy. At the end of the day though, there’s nothing wrong with asking for help when you need it. Whether you're a woman asking a man for help, or vice versa, doesn't matter. 

They pay too slow at the gas station.

Let’s be honest here: everyone takes forever at the gas station. It’s not just women causing that long queue of cars waiting to use the pump—guys and girls alike are to blame for that one. It’s not a matter of gender at all, or any perceived money-handling skills. It’s because the entire payment process can take a good long while in general, though especially when you’re paying in cash.

Thankfully, gas stations are taking strides to provide more efficient service and technology. Caltex, for example, has launched wireless terminals so you can use your Visa PayWave card to pump and pay without any hassle. Because there’s no need to swipe or sign anything for transactions Php 2,000 and below, and you can simply tap your Visa PayWave cards at the terminals available at participating Caltex gas stations nationwide, your transaction goes by quicker. Hopefully, with this new payment option in place, there’ll be less drivers, regardless of gender, who take too long paying at the gas pump.

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