4 rules for dealing with traffic dilemmas

Be the man on top of every situation with the erring members of the force.
Jan 12, 2017
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No driver is perfect. Even the most veteran motorist has committed a traffic violation at some point, which often leads to a little “chat” with your friendly, neighborhood traffic enforcer. If you ever have the displeasure of having to deal with a situation like this, these are the things to keep in mind:

No apprehension rule. ICYMI, the MMDA has implemented its no-contact apprehension policy. This new system will rely on CCTVs and digital cameras to capture traffic violators in the act. Offenders will then be sent a letter that indicates their violation/s. Under the new rule, most drivers won’t even need to be flagged down by an enforcer if they commit a violation.

Keep your cool. Of course, it’s important to note that the no-contact apprehension policy is meant to complement, not replace, traffic officers. The policy is specifically designed to catch moving violations; if you commit so-called administrative offences such as “colorum” driving or out-of-line violations, a traffic enforcer can and will physically apprehend you. Should this happen, keep your cool. There’s no point raining expletives on the latter—you might end up with a case filed against you for being an abusive motorist.

Never disembark from the vehicle. This is for your safety; you're always safer inside the vehicle than outside of it. Remember that traffic officers have no right to enter or search your car without a warrant, either. If an officer apprehends you, feel free to ask him about his written mission, which stipulates his area of responsibility, time of duty, official function, and whether he can issue tickets. 

Know what traffic officers can or can’t do. The authority of traffic enforcers, like any government employee, does have limits. For instance, they can’t confiscate your license unless you were involved in an accident, have three unsettled violations, or are being apprehended for violations such as reckless driving. Read up and know your rights.

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