Are you ready to own a luxury car?

It's not for everyone
Nov 16, 2015
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Are you ready to call yourself the owner of a brand-new premium automobile? Perhaps you may be patiently waiting for the day you can drive your very own luxury car to work. Premium vehicles offer comfort and features unusually found in mass-market cars, but these fine automobiles come with a price tag. Before you browse among the latest premium vehicles, find out if you’re actually ready to own one.

1. You're not intimidated by the dashboard.
Luxury cars aren’t merely about stunning design anymore. The head-up display and lane-keeping assist system shouldn't rattle you when you're behind the wheel. These nifty features can come in handy, so learn them all, and learn them quickly.

2. You’re willing to spend time with your car.
Owning a luxury car is very much like having a pet that you groom, bring to a veterinarian and have some playtime with. You have to give your premium automobile a bath, to schedule its PMS, and stretch its legs for a drive on long weekends.

3. You have plenty of cash to spare for fuel money and maintenance.
What good is a car if you don't get to drive it because you can't afford to gas up or you can't properly maintain it? This is important.

4. You love driving.
You look forward to weekends so you can take your luxury vehicle out on a road trip. Or if it's a premium sporty sedan, you're excited to take it to the track to hear its engine roar.

5. You understand how cars work and you drive responsibly.
It's time to put all the things you've learned from reading anything car-related! Your neighborhood talyer won't fool you, because you know how your expensive car works. You know the road rules and abide by them. You're driving a classy ride. Your driving style should reflect some refinement, too.

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