5 simple ways to improve your vehicle's fuel efficiency

Your car and wallet will thank you for doing these tips (ADVERTORIAL)
Jun 27, 2018
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Owning and driving a car entails cost, with fuel on top of your expenditure list. With gasoline and diesel prices going up, it’s all the more imperative for motorists to maximize fuel mileage.

It’s a tough task, considering how bad our country’s traffic situation is. But there are still a few things you can do to save your precious gas money. Start with these five:

1) Drive smoothly.

The smoother you drive, the more efficient your engine runs; hence, the less fuel you burn. Apply pressure on the accelerator gradually; keep your steering and braking as steady as possible; and avoid over-revving.

2) Shift earlier.

One way to avoid revving your engine too high is to shift gears earlier whenever possible. By using the highest possible gear, you reduce your engine’s speed and its workload. So if you’re cruising along on a flat surface at a steady speed, shift up a gear or two to lessen the burden on your engine.

3) Keep your tires inflated at the right pressure.

The US Department of Energy estimates that for every 1 PSI (pounds per square inch) drop in tire pressure, your fuel economy suffers by as much as .4 percent. It’s normal for your tires to lose air pressure over time due to use and changes in weather, so make sure to periodically check and re-inflate them.

4) Weigh less.

The heavier your car’s load is, the harder your engine has to work to ferry you around. While you can’t always choose the number of passengers in your car, you can still do your part to carry as little weight as possible by emptying your trunk and cabin of any unnecessary items.

5) Use premium quality fuel.

For your engine to run at optimum efficiency, you need to load it with a fuel that can do the job. Petron Turbo Diesel is a next-level high-performance diesel formulated with TriAction Advantage for better engine protection, mileage, and power. It also offers better engine torque, reduced emissions, improved cold start performance, and efficient and complete combustion for medium- to high-speed diesel engines.

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