5 ways to easily get parking at the supermarket

Don't you dare think about parking in the handicapped slot!
Mar 24, 2017
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Would you rather be stuck in a massive carmaggedon or take forever finding a parking slot? Well, if you live in Metro Manila, you just have to accept that maybe you have to endure both. But hey, don’t fret. They may not have found the perfect solution to the traffic situation but there are a few tricks to find a parking slot easily. Below are five ways to find a parking space when you’re at the supermarket and the parking lot is packed.

Wait in one place. Yes, it’s human instinct to scour the parking lot for an empty space, but when it’s full, you just have to find your lucky spot and hope for the best.

Find a lane where there are no cars waiting. This way, you have less chances of getting into an argument when someone leaves their parking slot and there are two (or more) of you trying to find parking.

Stay in the middle of your chosen lane. The most strategic spot is in the middle of the lane so that if you see someone approach their car either in front of you or behind you, you can easily drive forward or backwards.

Keep your eyes peeled for people walking to their vehicle. You can even roll down your windows and ask if they’re leaving—which gives you a better chance to snag their parking space! It pays to be friendly.

No matter what you do, don’t rush. You know how it gets when you’re rushing—things seem to get worse and you become even more impatient! Lucky for S&R members, parking is free and they have street-level parking so there’s no need to compete for parking slots. Plus, they’ve got cool perks for you and your car as well!

S&R members get free Nitrogen when you buy tires from any of their branches—this means you get to save roughly P1,200! The S&R Tire Center also offer these exclusive tire and wheel services to members for free: mounting and installation, balancing and rotation, valves and wheels weights, and flat tire repair.

Apart from that, you also get to enjoy discounts when you gas up at UNIOIL through S&R's Power Fuel Savers program which lets you save P3.00 per litre of gasoline and P2.00 per litre of diesel. Just upgrade your membership card to a Magnetic Card for free to avail of the cool perks at participating UNIOIL branches!

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