5 ways to keep your car always ready for a long drive

Your car needs to be in tip-top shape and ready to take these on at any time
Jul 18, 2017
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Whatever the season, your car needs to be ready for a whole lot of driving—in and out of the metro. Make sure your ride is in the best condition to hit the road, whether it be braving Manila traffic that can take hours, or simply taking it for a spin on a road trip. Here are five things to remember to make sure your ride is long-drive ready.

Do your regular preventive maintenance check. Make sure to check the mileage on your car’s odometer before going on that road trip—it might be due for a checkup. Religious maintenance will save you from car problems in the future and keep your wheels road-trip ready any day.

Make sure your tires can take the beating. An easy visual check of how your tires look will give you some idea of their condition. How's the tread wear? Is the rubber looking a bit thin? Are the tires wearing on just one side? You get the idea. Also, don’t forget to put the right air pressure in them; always best to follow the numbers in your owner's manual.

Check your battery. Make sure to check you battery’s warranty booklet to know the length of your battery’s life. If it's anywhere near the mentioned timeframe, then it's probably best to get a new battery. You don't want to get stalled anywhere just because of this.  

Load up with the right fuel for your engine. Your gas having high octane levels does not automatically mean better performance for your car. Make sure to go back to your car’s manual to make sure you load up on gas that protects and brings out the best in your engine.

Don’t forget to check your car’s oil. Given our fast-paced lives, we rarely get to open up our car's hood and check how it’s doing on the inside. Make sure to check your oil to see if it's at the right level (and to see if you have to get an oil change or not). While you're at it, check the brake fluid and water levels, too.

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