6 gas station tips that you should always remember

Handy info for this season of road trips
May 4, 2017
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Road trip season is upon us and that means two things: your car has to get a check up before going on any long drives to ensure that it's in tip-top shape, and you will inevitably stop at gas stations along the way. Both of these things are necessary during any trip, namely because your ride needs to be road-worthy and because gas station stops are a necessity for a bunch of reasons. With that in mind, here are a few helpful tips for the next time you stop at gas station. 

Full tank, when possible. When you get to the gas station, if you can, get a full tank of fuel. This will ensure that you can drive farther without having to stop along the way. And there's less worry if you pass through remote areas where gas stations are limited. You don't want to run out of fuel midway through your trip and have to call for an emergency service to rescue you. (If you do, however, make sure that you have the Shell Motorist App downloaded onto your smartphone to help you locate the nearest Shell station to you). 

Buy beverages with caps. Avoid getting canned beverages or ones with open tops. These can splash and spill when you go over bumpy patches, and make a mess inside the cabin. Instead, go for a drink with a cap to ensure that your juice or coffee stays where it should, especially when you're on the go and have to promptly get back on the road.  

Forgot something? Don't fret. There's a reason they're called "convenience stores." When you get out on the road, it sometimes happens that you forget something important: toothbrush, toiletries, feminine products, maybe even a little pasalubong for your hosts. You can get all these things at convenience stores, especially if they're well stocked like Shell Select. Likewise, you can stop over at Deli2Go to grab a quick bite to refuel you for your drive. 

Don't forget bathroom breaks. Don't hold it in, stop if you must! It's also great when you make a stop and find out that the toilets are actually pretty excellent—just like the ones at Shell stations. They're always clean and hygienic, which is exactly what you want when you take a toilet break. 

Park near the exit. You might think that it's a hassle to walk the extra meters, but this is totally worth it—especially when the parking lot exit near the main complex bottlenecks when people start to leave. This way, you can easily walk back to your car, and get back on the road without the stress of getting stuck in parking lot traffic. 

Watch out for promos and contests. Keep your eyes and ears peeled when you pull over—there might be an awesome promo happening! Take for example Shell's summer contest, where you can avail of exciting prizes with every visit, plus the chance to win fuel vouchers, select Shell Engine Oils, refreshing treats, or a luxurious beach getaway to Siargao, Boracay, or El Nido with a minimum purchase of Shell Premium Fuels. Click here for more details. 

When taking a pitstop this summer, consider taking a breather at the many convenient, clean, and helpful Shell stations throughout the country. Aside from being able to load up on world-class fuels, you are treated to first-class service when you stop at a Shell station. With fully stocked Select convenience stores, an able and courteous staff, lots of amenities, and clean bathrooms (yes, this is very important!), every stop at a Shell station promises to be an enjoyable one.  

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