6 motoring remedies you should never settle for

Hindi na pwede ang pwede na 'yan
Aug 19, 2016
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Pwede na 'yan”—a phrase Pinoys are all too familiar with, perhaps because it easily infiltrates every aspect of life. The reason it does is simple: It's an easy fix. Not requiring of much effort, however, pwede na 'yan oftentimes leads to more serious issues. This is most especially true when it comes to driving your beloved ride and taking care of it. Here are six auto-related instances when you should tell yourself: Hindi na pwede ang “pwede na 'yan.”

Driving with an improvised sideview mirror. Maybe it was an unfortunate sideswiping accident that clipped your sideview mirror, or a miscalculation on your part with the car's distance to the garage wall. Whatever the reason, don't settle for just stealing your girl's pocket compact or dressing room mirror and taping the thing to your door. Buy a replacement. Not only do you need a mirror that's adjustable, you want one that doesn't have any chance of flying off and hurting innocent bystanders.

Disregarding the fuel warning light. That light goes on for a reason: You're low on gas. Don't just ignore it, thinking you'll make it to your destination. (Besides, even if you get there safely, how are you supposed to leave afterwards if you've used up all your fuel?) Don't take chances. Pull up to a fuel station and load up before you have to get down and push the rest of the way. Totally dangerous to run out of gas at night in an unfamiliar place.

Parking outside of the lines. “Coloring outside the lines,” figuratively speaking, is synonymous with thinking out of the box. This is a good thing. Parking outside the lines in a parking lot and taking more than one slot? Not cool, and extremely inconsiderate. Take the few seconds to adjust your car and be courteous to other people parking.

Dumping all your stuff haphazardly in the trunk. Not only is this a messy habit, you can also lose things easily this way. Better to be organized with your trunk loading technique so that everything can be accounted for. Also, when it comes to hauling out your spare tire and all the tools required to install it when you get a flat, all that clutter is not going to make things any easier.

Not using your turn lights. Using your turn lights tells the motorists both in front of and behind you where you intend to turn. Simple, right? Turning without using them is both dangerous and irresponsible. (On that note, this rainy season, please refrain from using your hazard lights in a heavy downpour).

Running tires until they're threadbare. So, despite being smooth and already exposing some of the inner belts, your tires have never been flat. Pwedeng-pwede, right? Wrong. This is dangerous because your tires no longer have any grip, hence you no longer have full control of your car. And there's nothing scarier than trying to turn a car that won't turn. Always take time to carefully inspect your rubber. Yeah, they might look okay, but the truth could be that the tread is way too shallow already. 

Check out the video below for a quick recap on what never to settle for:

Quality tires are, by all means, not cheap. But safety is priceless, especially when you consider that other people ride your car (and, also, that you put bystanders and other motorists in potential jeopardy when you neglect proper auto maintenance). And when you do get that new set of rubber, make sure you take it to a trusted shop for proper wheel balancing and tire alignment, so that you can prolong the life of your tires.Learn more about tires, tire safety, and proper tire installation from Bridgestone by clicking here.

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