6 reasons why car dealers don't like you

Always value others' time
Feb 6, 2017

Because you’re reading this website, we’re assuming that you’re as much of a fan of cars and driving as we are. Cars are aspirational, and finally having the power to buy and own one is a major milestone. So the buying process should go as smoothly as possible, right? Good thing we have accommodating car sales agents and executives to answer all our questions and quell our worries, with promises of a reliable car and good after-sales service.

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And we’re pretty sure that car companies will insist that you are always right. But just like how consumers complain about some brands’ quality of service, the people behind these badges also have their grievances.

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Here are some reasons why they might resent you, but only a teeny bit of course:

1) You didn’t buy their car
Picture this: You’ve talked to the helpful sales agent and scheduled multiple test drives. You even haggled to get the best deal and payment terms plus freebies. You promise to have the money prepared. The sales agent gets your order request approved and processed the necessary papers. But then you stop replying to texts and follow-ups. You then buy from another dealership, or worse, from another brand. According to a salesperson, they have a quota of 20 customers per day in their dealership. They would really appreciate it if you respect their time and effort. 

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2) You have an ulterior motive
You’ve approached the pretty sales agent. But instead of asking her about the seating capacity or the latest down payment promos of the model you’re eyeing, you ask if she’s single and you try to add her on Facebook. Apparently, some prospective clients approach attractive agents and propose that they will buy a car in exchange for a date. These people are conditioned to be friendly and accommodating, so it puts them in a quandary on how to deal with sleazeballs. 

3) You think you deserve more than what you’re getting
You probably brought your car in for a regular service, but then you asked the service advisor to include another repair job. This other job is totally unrelated to the work that will be done on your car and not even covered by the warranty, but you want it free of charge, of course. If you’re a regular client, how can they not throw this one in for free for a loyal customer?

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4) You know better than their service technicians
While your car is being serviced, you show everyone that you just happen to know more about your ride than the technicians. That’s good of course. A driver should know his car better than anyone else. However, please note that these technicians are trained by car companies to service your car and to do a good job of it. It won’t help if you insist that your car must get some type of job done while citing Google, online forums, and car club buddies as your reference.

5) You’re too outspoken online
You’ve trolled their social media accounts and left nasty comments on car reviews of automotive websites. Have you bought any of their cars? Have you ever test driven a unit? 

6) You da VIP
You’ve namedropped almost everyone you know and asserted yourself as a VIP client. You brag about the sedan, SUV, and pickup you bought from the dealership. So why can’t they give you the lowest of the low payment option, huh?

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But car companies don’t really hate you, of course not. But just like how you expect them to give you the ultimate client experience, they would likewise appreciate it if you also value the people they hire to cater to your whims and make car ownership a breeze. 

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