7 times going to work became way too complicated

Commuting is supposed to be easy. So what gives?
Oct 18, 2015
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It’s a known fact that driving and commuting in the Philippines is a major pain in the butt. When you encounter grouchy fellow commuters, unforgiving city buses and picky cab drivers on a daily basis, it's incredibly difficult to maintain a smile on your face when you get to the office.

So what are the instances that make our daily commute difficult? Here are some examples:

When no driver wants to book you. All these transporation service apps suggest that commuting should be a walk in the park, right? But if no driver wants you and there's a dozen of them nearby, then that’s just painful.

When the stoplight isn't on your side. Expectation: Yes, you can reach your office on time! Reality: The green signal lasts for a mere 30 seconds allowing only four cars to pass through. Ugh!

When you arrive at the MRT station. Granted, you're mentally prepared to be treated like a can of human sardines inside the MRT. But once you get to the station, it becomes apparent that the long lines will kill your fighting spirit first.

When the driver in front of you doesn't turn even though he's supposed to. Some drivers stay in a must-turn right lane even though they actually intend to go straight. And you're the unfortunate soul who has to pay for it when said driver causes traffic. 

When the driver behind you honks like a madman. The light turns green, which means it’s time to go, but guess what? The lane isn't moving. And the car behind you bombards your ears with unnecessary honks. We salute you for fighting the urge to lose your cool.

When the cab driver asks for dagdag bayad. 
“Ser, dagdagan na lang po natin, ha.” The worst part? You have no choice but give in. Would you rather wait for another cab to arrive? That could seriously take hours during rush hour!

When it’s past rush hour and traffic is still not moving. You purposely left the office at 10 in the evening to skip the rush hour, but nooooooo. You're going to have to accept the fact that in Manila, every hour is rush hour.

We know these situations all too well, fellow drivers and commuters. But things don't have to be that complicated. Our one good advice? Think happy thoughts and indulge on meals that make you feel better instead, like this hot plate of classic pancakes and bacon...

This yummy-looking three-piece Pan Chicken meal...

And this hearty and healthy plate of tacos. Yum!

In a world full of struggles and complexities, it's nice to have a go-to meal that can instantly pick your day up, no matter how bad it's been.

Pancake House offers a wide variety of classic favorites that will help bring back the good vibes before or after a hard day at work. Whether you're driving in EDSA or waiting for the traffic to subside somewhere in Makati, isn't it nice to know that there's always a Pancake House nearby? At the end of the day, #ItsNotThatComplicated.

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