6 things more distracting than a gadget in your 'line of sight'

We hope authorities can address them
by Drei Laurel | May 25, 2017

After much confusion, authorities have finally suspended the Anti-Distracted Driving law. Its enforcement came to a halt after mounting calls, from both senators and everyday motorists, for government agencies to get their act together before dictating what and what not to put in their 'line of sight.'

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So, is this the last we'll hear of Republic Act No. 10913? No. Far from it. The suspension is temporary, and authorities are expected to conduct an information and education campaign prior to resuming its implementation.

But what will our government agencies do during their downtime from nitpicking over gadgets, rosaries, and everything in between? We have a suggestion: How about you guys get to addressing the real distractions on the road. Here are some of them:

1. Vague/ill-placed road signs. How many times have you come across a U-turn sign, only to be greeted by an orange, plastic wall of barricades? Annoying, right? What about traffic signs planted dead smack in a sea of tarpaulins and outdated campaign posters? Personally, the worst case I've come across was a stoplight obstructed by a newly-constructed overpass.

2. High—and we mean really, really high—beams. No, you're not being abducted by aliens or ascending into heaven. That sea of white light? It's that clueless motorist with his or her headlights set on full blast. If you can't see the road without having to blind other drivers, either remove your tint or have your eyes checked. It's a hazard as much as it is a nuisance.

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3. Panget cars. There are two types: dilapidated, hazardous rust buckets on wheels, and car owners who've spent a little too much dough trying to fulfill their Need for Speed: Underground fantasies. Please get your vehicle in order before you hurt yourself (or somebody else), and no, equipping your Wigo with a massive spoiler and a ton of stickers isn't going to increase downforce or add horsepower.

4. Loud exhausts. This applies to both cars and motorcycles. Louder doesn't mean faster—it only means you're either deaf, pa-cool, or a bigger, more incosiderate d*** than the rest of us. Please reconsider fitting your ride with one of these noise-polluting wastes of money.

5. Electric scooters. These things don't belong on busy roads, let alone plying main thoroughfares like EDSA. They're severely underpowered, and worse, owners aren't required a license to operate one. In fact, some even have the gall to try and overtake you. It's about time we got to regulating them as it's just as much about keeping these guys safe as it is preventing accidents.

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6. Liza Soberano. Guys, if you're going to plaster Liza's face on a 100-foot billboard, at least ask her not to smile.  It's a little difficult to keep from melting in our seats in traffic.


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