7 Things we love about the all-new Mazda BT-50

The brand-new BT-50 redefines what an all-in-one pickup can be
Jan 14, 2022
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PHOTO: Mazda

Is there any other car that has a tougher job of trying to be “all-in-one” than a pickup? It has to be rugged, haul cargo, and chew up off road trails but also live up to sedan or SUV comfort and spec as a daily driver.

Mazda had that all-in-one ideal when designing the all-new BT-50 and we have to say the Japanese brand has hit the mark–we love this thing!

The minimalist design

Photo by Mazda.

A high end truck often means aggressive with a big, blunt front end plus flashy decals.

In the BT-50’s case, it means the Signature Mazda grille and LED treatment and not looking out of place next to another svelte Mazda that you may already have in your garage–while still being macho with its body lines as a truck inherently should be.

The sedan like refinement

It hits differently when you don’t just see but feel the attention to detail. Soft touch dash, leather knee pads and armrests, matte-finish non-fingerprint collecting accents–you can close your eyes and still appreciate how upscale the interior of the BT-50 is.

The age of the pickup as a daily driver is truly here–it’s a comfy time to be a truck guy.

Hidden power

The BT-50 is equipped with a hefty 3.0-liter turbodiesel that outputs 190PS and 450Nm, mated to a 6-speed automatic transmission. Big displacement and just the right number of gears equals seamless driving–no need to mash the throttle for this truck to move, which is great for city driving and fuel economy.

Simple but essential tech

Photo by Mazda.

We understand simple numbers like 8-way power seats, 9-inch touchscreen and 8 speakers–including some mounted on the roof! We also understand gadgets like remote start to cool off the truck before you even get in.

And we finally understand 4x4 thanks to the easy to use shift-on-the-fly system the BT-50 has: when the terrain gets rough, just dial for help with 4H!

It sounds different

And by that we mean it’s quiet. Body foam fillers, sound-insulating carpets plus tightened door and window seals make this a very unworkmanlike drive–don’t be afraid to call this one a family car. The BT-50 even has an infrared reflecting windshield to cut down on heat.

Safety first attitude

Adaptive cruise control, emergency braking, lane departure warning, blind spot monitors–whether it’s traffic on EDSA or long weekend drives, the BT-50 pays attention to the surroundings and lets you enjoy the scenery more. It’s a great road trip buddy thanks to the safety tech, which includes rear-cross traffic alert, Forward Collision Warning, and Automatic Highbeam Control.

5 years of freedom

Free service that is, because worry-free ownership is what Mazda wants every customer to experience with their premium vehicles. That means 5 years of free parts and labor for every scheduled PMS or up to 100,000km on your odometer.

Learn more about what makes the all-new Mazda BT-50 an all-in-one pickup by heading to the official website.

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PHOTO: Mazda
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