8 Unique car accessories you didn’t know you needed

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Dec 6, 2018
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Fact: We all eventually get that itch to accessorize our cars. Decorative pillows, custom floor mats, a few trinkets here or there. But there are items that are more than just decorative, and that no good car should be without. Here are some of them:

Car Battery Charger
While a little pricier than a window shade, this handy little accessory helps extend the life of your car battery by keeping it conditioned while it’s parked. Useful if you don’t fancy getting stranded with a dead battery.

USB Quick Charger
Running out of phone battery on the road is a hassle if you use navigation apps like Waze. While there are many car chargers out there, more powerful chargers like this one can charge multiple devices at up to 3 amps, making for quick recharging on the go.

In-Car Emergency Kit
Assuming you have all your automotive tools already, why not bring some people tools as well? A first-aid kit with alcohol, bandages, and associated supplies can come in really handy in an accident or a scrape.

Air-Vent Smartphone Mount
Unfortunately, charging your phone while using it can make it run hot. Really hot. Rather than mounting the phone to a hot windshield, which is illegal, anyway, mount it someplace cool, like in front of an AC vent. This prevents overheating, and can greatly extend the life of your device.

Jump Starter Power Bank
When there’s no place to plug in, these handy power banks allow you to jump-start a dead car battery, thanks to the extra amperage and connectors they have versus regular power banks. Higher-priced ones can even charge laptops in a pinch.

Tire Repair Kit
Dead batteries aren’t the only stranding hazard there is; a flat tire can ruin your day as well. A tire repair kit using an aerosol sealant can and an electric air compressor can help here, whether the tire is just a bit low or has a small leak.


Duct Tape
As any mechanic worth his salt can tell you, you can do anything with duct tape. For everything else, there’s...

Toyota MasterCard
This is the first complete motorist credit card in the country, offering you a 10% discount on maintenance, parts, and accessories at all Toyota dealerships, and a 3% rebate on fuel at Petron stations, making both maintenance and operation a relatively painless experience. Even better, you can use it together with a Petron Value Card to avail of 24/7 roadside assistance through Ibero Asistencia, which includes free towing, personal assistance and affordable minor roadside repairs.

The Toyota MasterCard isn’t the biggest accessory you keep in your car, but it might just be the most useful. Go to www.metrobank.com/cards/toyota-mastercard-2 to know more about it. For those who want to apply for a Toyota Mastercard, click here.

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