Here’s a list of gifts you can get your car this Christmas

Our cars deserve all the loving this season, too
by Leandre Grecia | Dec 25, 2019
PHOTO: Leandre Grecia

It’s Christmas time yet again, which means a lot of you have been busy shopping for gifts for your loved ones this season. For some of us, though, a huge chunk of our shopping budget for the holidays is allotted to something else—our cars.

It isn’t easy as you might think, though, because deciding on what to spend our hard-earned money on for our cars can get pretty tricky. We at Top Gear PH understand this, which is why we’ve compiled a list of some of the best gifts you can get your car this holiday season. Read on to find out more.

1) Tires

Tires are basically a necessity but are pretty pricey as well, which is why some people put off buying replacements unless they badly need to already. That’s risky even for those who never get to drive their car out of the city and at high speeds, but it’s a major safety concern nevertheless. So if you were blessed enough to score a bonus this year and are in the market for some new rubber, then that’s what you should really prioritize.

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2) Wheels

Aftermarket wheels are the most common mods you’ll see out there—this applies to both old and new vehicles. Not only does it give your car character, but it also grabs a lot of attention, too, so it’s a pretty big deal especially if you’re really meticulous about your car’s looks. New shoes—just like new rubber—are a bit pricey, though, so you should always be sure about them before you make that big purchase.

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3) Tint

Considering how hot the weather can get here in the Philippines, car tint is almost a necessity on this side of the globe. Some like their cars ‘clean’ and tintless, though, but that’s for them to decide. If you, like us, would rather not get scorched under the sun when you’re driving at high noon around the metro, then we suggest you gift your car this—pronto. Besides, car tint affects how your car looks, too, so at least you can get your desired function and form with this purchase.

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4) Seat covers/upholstery

Here’s another gift that’ll get you both form and function: Seat covers. If you don’t fancy that, you can opt to get your seats reupholstered instead. Both of these will improve not only how the interior looks, but also how comfortable you and your passengers are inside your car. I don’t know about you, but nothing makes a ride look better than some good old-fashioned leather.

5) Car stereo

If you’re not content with your head unit, then it’s something you should really consider replacing. It’s the only companion you’ll have when you’re driving alone, after all. While you’re at it—and if budget permits, of course—you can even go so far as getting one of those new units with Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility. Though that one might cost a lot more, we can assure you it’s going to be worth the dough.

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6) Speakers

If replacing your car’s OEM stereo just doesn’t cut it for you, you can always go and get some new speakers as well. There are a lot of branded speakers out there that only cost a few thousand bucks for a pair that can actually do the trick. But hey, if these still aren’t enough, then you can always go for that all-out upgrade and get the whole kit and caboodle—amplifiers and subwoofers included. Either way, just be sure not to piss off the neighbors with your new setup.

7) Full detailing service

Since we’re already talking about pampering our cars this Christmas, then you might as well go out and really pamper your beater. No, a car wash isn’t a gift—that’s a routline. If you really want to give your car something special during the holidays, then have it detailed. You’d be surprised at how dirty your car—especially the interior—can get over the course of a year, no matter how much you try and keep it in tip-top shape.

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8) Paint job

Dings and scratches on your car are inevitable, that’s just how it is. But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t address them. While some battle scars on your beater can be addressed through detailing, some need a proper paint job to be completely cleaned out. It can be a simple hilamos or it can go so far as a strip-to-metal paint job—that’s your call. Take note, though, that this will cost you not just money but also a lot of time, so you should schedule this one accordingly.

9) A long road trip

If you live in the metro, then chances are your buddy hasn’t stretched its legs for quite some time already. If that’s the case, then this last gift idea, in particular, is arguably the best one on this list. It may not be an Italian tune-up, but it’s a much-needed stretch for your car. Who knows, maybe at the end of it all, it might even end up as something you actually need, too.

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Since you’re already here, you’re probably on the lookout for something to get your family and friends, too, so you might as well check out our list of gadgets and other stuff you can get as gifts this Christmas. Happy holidays, everyone!

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PHOTO: Leandre Grecia
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