Worried about your car battery charge? There's an app* for that

It comes with a device though
by Dinzo Tabamo | Sep 2, 2018

By now modern tech has conditioned us not to worry so much about batteries in general. Your smartphone running low on juice? You can plug it into a power bank, a wall socket, or look for a spare power bank or wall socket nearby. Same with Bluetooth speakers, laptops, and watches. 

But car batteries still cause us a bit of anxiety. Everyone dreads that coughing sound the starter makes when you realize it's been a few years since you changed your battery. Yes, a spare battery is just one call away. But what if you don't have cash or a credit card? Or jumper cables? Or there's no car nearby to connect the jumper cables to? #stress

We recently got ahold of a device that can help lessen our everyday worries. What we have here is called the CTEK Battery Sense. What it does is monitor your car battery's health in real time using a downloadable app. It can also keep track of up to five separate cars' batteries.

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Using it is simple: The Battery Sense device itself is a small black module with two cables that end in two colors, red and black. You can surmise where those go. Just place the red-tipped cable on the positive terminal and the black-tipped cable on the other terminal. 

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Now download the app from either the Apple App Store or Google Play, enter the serial code of your Battery Sense device in the app, and wait for the update.

If connected properly, and they weren't hard to connect, the app will show you the state of your car battery. If you want to know how your battery is doing all the time, you can mount it in the engine bay. It depends on how you feel about a P3,000 investment, which is the cost of the Battery Sense.

It's such a chaotic world out there. It's good to know there's something to be less stressed about.

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PHOTO: Dinzo Tabamo
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