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Let’s start the week with a lady-owned Honda Civic

PHOTO: Top Gear PH

We love it when people get in touch with us to share stories about their beloved rides. The bond between man and machine is a beautiful thing. But in this case, the relationship is between a lady and her wheels. Let Joycee Castro tell you about her project car:

Q: Has your profession ever affected your car choices or your driving?

A: In my car choices, yes. Being a brand ambassadress gave me the opportunity to learn more about different cars, car parts, car products, and car services.

Q: Where did your FD’s design inspiration come from?

A: This used to be a stock FD in bluish silver color, and then I had it modified. I really intended for it to just change in color from orange to purple after that, but I decided to modify it all the way and make it look like a Type R15-inspired Honda Civic FD.

Q: How about future plans?

A: I’m still thinking about it. Maybe another color change or another set of wheels? Who knows?

Q: What do you look for in a vehicle?

A: I consider performance, modifications, and of course, reliability.

Q: How did you get into cars?

A: It started back in college when my friends and I used to watch racing events. I also remember my dad teaching me how to drive.

Q: What’s the special bond that holds you and your ride together?

A: Through ups and downs, from road trips to selfies, from sickness and in health, from boredom to happiness, and even happiness to being loveless. We’ve been through a lot!


Q: How about funny stories about you and your FD?

A: Too many to mention, really. And I’m glad my car can’t talk. It knows all of my secrets!

Q: Do guys react when you tell them that you’re into cars?

A: It’s pretty common nowadays, but there are still some who wonder why.

Q: Do guys have to be into cars for you to notice them?

A: Not necessarily, but of course, I need them to understand my feelings toward cars.

Note: This article first appeared in Top Gear PH’s May 2017 Issue. Minor edits have been made.

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PHOTO: Top Gear PH
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