Here are the motoring events you need to visit this August

Enough cars and bikes to last you through the month
Jul 25, 2017
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August is National Language Month; and it’s a time where we recognize and learn about the importance of communication and culture preservation..

For gearheads, communication comes in many forms, whether it’s a friendly honk at a car that’s the same make and model as yours, or randomly chatting up a guy with a nice ride at the car wash. We share in a culture of interest that’s not unlike the larger one we share as a people. Sure, we might disagree sometimes and bicker about which brand or car is better, but we do it all for our shared love of automobiles.

So this National Language Month, let’s enjoy the wonderful car culture we’ve created together by visiting these upcoming car shows. Sakay na!

TransKnights 2017

August 5, Letran Manila

TransKnights is the newest show to hit Metro Manila’s campus scene and will kick off Letran’s Quadricentennial celebrations. The event invites car and bike enthusiasts from across the metro to show off their tricked-out rides. It kicks off at the Letran Manila grounds in Intramuros and participation is open to the public. 

San Jose Montalban Highway Car Show

August 19, San Jose Montalban Highway

Here’s a show for residents of the not-so-distant province of Rizal. In addition to the cars, there will also be a live band on showk, and the first 24 attendees upon registration will get free beer and a piece of barbeque. There will also be various awards given out at the event, including ones for best Corolla, best Avanza, best Honda, and best lighting effects. 

Models Olympic Car & Motor Bike Show

August 26-27, Marikina Sports Center

Who here loves sports as much as cars? If so, then this might be your kind of show. It promises to mix the two fields for two days of action-packed fun. There will also be models and live bands on the field; so don’t miss this one if you’re looking for something different to do on a weekend. 

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