An eye towards the future

PIMS’ beginnings, and where it’s headed
Sep 9, 2016

After enjoying over a decade of successful work, CAMPIdecided it was time to double up on its efforts, leading to the creation of the Philippine International Motor Show (PIMS), the biggest car event in the country.

The first-ever PIMS was held in 2007, with the theme “Shifting to Higher Gear” reflecting CAMPI’s mission to create economic and social progress through an improving automotive industry. As though the times were responding to the theme, it was on this year that the Philippine auto industry managed to sell more than 100,000 units, hitting the milestone for the first time in roughly 10 years.

PIMS kept the momentum going in the following year, highlighting the importance of social responsibility with the theme “Drive the Future: Towards Cleaner and Safer Motoring”.

Following the devastating impact of Typhoon Ondoy in 2009, CAMPI reinforced its message of environmental responsibility with the theme of PIMS 2010, “Drive the Green Road”, highlighting the importance of alternative fuel sources and reducing carbon footprints.

Things took a lighter tone in 2012, as PIMS celebrated the spirit of tourism in the Philippines with the theme “Drive the Fun”.  It was a much-needed reminder that owning and maintaining a motor vehicle was as much fun as driving off to adventures around our country’s islands.

The 5th PIMS in 2014 refocused on the idea of progress, and on how it was a continuous process. With the theme “Progress in Motion”, CAMPI re-established its never-ending mission to propel the country to economic growth.

This year, the 6th PIMS keeps its eyes on the future. Building upon its 21 years of experience and learning, CAMPI aims to be a key difference-maker in the world of tomorrow. The event aims to achieve this by highlighting the rapidly developing technologies of CAMPI’s members as they capitalize on an industry that’s as dynamic as ever.

Heeding the call to “Steer the Future”, CAMPI and PIMS promise to fulfill their mission of taking the country to broad new horizons, enacting significant positive change in the quality of Filipino’s lives.

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