Are the cars you own an accurate measure of your success?

Let the debate begin.
Dec 20, 2016
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Short answer? No.

A car is an inaccurate benchmark when measuring anyone's success. It would be very superficial—not to mention, borderline insulting—to gauge anyone's level of success in this world on the car he or she drives. Let's try to dissect this. 

Driver A owns a luxury sports car, while Driver B drives a budget subcompact. One might assume that Driver A is more successful than Driver B, given his expensive ride. To be able to afford an expensive ride like that, one would have to work hard and pay his dues. That car could also be a fitting symbol of his success.

Then again, the same argument can be made for Driver B. He might not be as wealthy as Driver A, and his car might in fact be a reflection of that. But he isn't any less successful than Driver A, simply because he has achieved a personal level of success that is unique to him. In short—driving an econo-box doesn't make Driver B any less successful than Driver A. 

The thing to remember is that success is subjective on every level. When one oversimplifies and generalizes, he takes away that which is most important regardless of what you drive—that the driven man is a successful one. 

However you view your car, remember that at the end of the day your overall happiness with your life—not other people's perception of your accomplishments—is the only surefire way to measure your success. It doesn't matter if you possess a luxury sedan, a rugged SUV, or a budget ride: as long as you're honest, work hard, and stay driven, that car signifies a step forward in your overall path to success.

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